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Consumer Pulse and Market Segmentation – Wave 7

A digital copy of SECC's Consumer Pulse and Market Segmentation Study – Wave 7, the latest in SECC’s flagship research series on U.S. consumers’ energy-related actions, attitudes and interests.

Since 2011, SECC has published its “Consumer Pulse and Market Segmentation” series, and this latest report updates SECC’s consumer segmentation following years of energy-related, societal and technological change, including the proliferation of smart meters, the rise of smart home technology and the increased importance of climate change in the national discourse.

The “Consumer Pulse and Market Segmentation – Wave 7” report provides detailed profiles for each of the four new consumer segments – Green Innovators, Tech-savvy Proteges, Movable Middle and Energy Indifferent – and offers specific recommendations for how electricity providers can better engage and serve each segment.


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