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2019 State of the Consumer Report

A digital copy of SECC's “2019 State of the Consumer” report, an analysis of five 2018 research studies that provides an up-to-date look at major trends regarding the behaviors, attitudes and motivations of U.S. energy customers.

SECC’s 2018 research agenda included new primary research – “Understanding Your SMB Customers”, “Consumer Platform of the Future”, “Data Analytics: Unlocking the Consumer Benefits” and “Consumer Values: Moving the Needle on Engagement” – and one in-depth analysis of multiple survey databases, “Spotlight on Low-Income Consumers”. Collectively, these studies, which include over 5,500 survey responses, explore consumers’ needs and wants in a rapidly evolving energy ecosystem.

The “2019 State of the Consumer” report offers overviews of the key findings from each of the aforementioned studies, but also details five important takeaways on the wants of today's energy consumers that emerged from the research reports and five utility case studies published by SECC in 2018.


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