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Consumer Values: Moving the Needle on Engagement Report

A digital copy of the “Consumer Values: Moving the Needle on Engagement” report, an exploration of the motivations, behaviors and attitudes of “selectively engaged” residential energy consumers.

According to previous SECC research, roughly 40 percent of U.S. consumers engage selectively in energy-efficient behaviors and programs, while 44 percent fall into the always engaged category and a minority of 15 percent are never engaged. The “Consumer Values” report specifically seeks to learn why these selectively engaged consumers participate periodically and what would motivate them to take a more active role in their energy use.

The report aims to assist electricity providers in better serving selectively engaged consumers by offering recommendations for overcoming the top barriers to engagement, including the high cost of energy-related upgrades, the lack of knowledge on what steps to take to be more energy efficient and the difficulty in taking advantage of rebates and other programs.


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