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Consumer Platform of the Future

A digital copy of SECC’s the “Consumer Platform of the Future” report, a groundbreaking examination of emerging energy technologies developed from three research inputs: four consumer focus groups, 16 in-depth interviews with high-level energy industry executives and an online consumer survey with about 1,300 respondents.

The research found that about half of U.S. energy consumers would probably or definitely use the “Platform”, which, in the context of this research, is defined as an online energy resource that would combine energy usage data, user preference settings, real-time energy data, energy programs and offers and use this information to help the user understand and manage home energy use. Only four percent of consumers stated that they would “definitely not” use the Platform.

In the consumer survey, respondents were also asked about their interest in four potential products and services they could access through the Platform: an e-commerce marketplace, an energy manager, an online rewards program (with four ways to earn rewards tested) and a menu of add-on products and services.


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