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Understanding Lower-Income Consumers and the Smart Energy Future Report

A digital copy of the “Understanding Lower-Income Consumers and the Smart Energy Future” report, which sheds light on lower-income consumers’ behaviors, attitudes and values as they relate to energy efficiency, smart home technology, renewable energy, their electricity providers and climate change.

The report was developed from an online national survey administered to 1,000 consumers across the United States in August and September 2020. This research defined lower-income consumers as those earning less than $50,000 annually. Further analysis delineated consumers earning less than $25,000 as low-income consumers and those earning over $25,000 as moderate-income consumers.

The report found that lower-income consumers’ values largely align with those of higher-income Americans. Saving money is their primary driver of energy decision-making – a finding consistent with SECC’s past research. Lower-income consumers also expressed considerable concern for the environment and support for investments in clean energy: eighty-one percent value these two priorities.


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